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Oct 2018


So I write this blog entry whilst I stow away on a british cargo ship.

Not exactly a stow away, in my imagination, yes, in reality, I am a passenger ( who thanks to an arts grant) was able to pay for my voyage lock stock and barrel as they say. This grant is allowing me to experience Africa, Canada, Indonesia and Japan this year.

I have been onboard for about 6 days now.
It’s been a fascinating journey  so far I must say, I also must say I can not wait to get off said ship, which is so funny to think about.
It took almost a year to plan this, to find a good company, to think about the right time, to decide on points of departure….

This ship ride has been pretty perfect. The crew are very kind folks and the captain is also very fair. If the ship’s cook reads this please know that I was forever thankful for every meal.

You know, so much of my work is about the history of America, it’s peoples. What they’ve endured, how the body endures, how memory endures. Duration, documentation, data: to me all these things point to adventure.

I make a great deal of my work about this “duration”, but in some sense I am uncertain of what it feels like from a historical perspective. My existence represents a people’s will to endure. And I speak of the peoples forced on slave ships, and speak of peoples who pilgrimaged to unknown lands, kicked out of their own, and I speak of lineage that came through Ellis island and points of the Pacific, I speak of my Cro-Magnon or neanderthal linkage that obviously endured something in order to survive…. All those beings, regardless of narrative, station in life, whether forced or chosen….endured….whether good, bad, necessary or evil, the will to endure was there….

Anyhow, this journey has so far been an emotional excavation of sorts. A lot of free time to just think on some things.

I brought plenty to read and plenty to do and still had ample time to sit on deck and look out into the endless sea.

The one thing I can’t stop thinking about is my place of privilege in the world while doing this. Though I do not know exactly, I am certain that many before me did not have the privilege of books, coffee, sunshine, good cheer from fellow travelers at their disposal as I have.

I kept a log, that originally I was going to share here but have decided id just rather keep it for myself for now. There’s a lot to parse through and I feel I would rather unfold that parsing in some music and making. As it really was the point of this trip.

A constant joy is watching the rising of the sun every morning. It never rises the same way twice, every day is an improvisation


I am slow to updating this website. molasses slow. I apologize. I will try to get on it, but I’m also so busy and it’s never at the top of the list, though I know it should be. I will try to do better with the remainder of year we have left. Happy summer into fall.


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