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rest in peace and power steve dalachinsky.
i literally just saw him, at my show. he was new york. that about sums it up, yes.
I will miss him.
so there’s a new interview online where i talk about some of my recent research travels. i make a lot of field recordings,take loads of photos, videos. i draw. i document all of my research travels for my creativity archive. i also keep regular diaries, which i will do something with at some point in my life, i’m sure. on my cargo ship trip i kept an audio diary as well as regular written pages. I can not decide where or even if i want them to live online, but for now here is a snippet of one of my last audio diaries on that ship trip. i call it captain’s log as a joke but, also a reminder that in the end, we are all our own inner captains, steering through life, uncertain of what might be ahead, taking faith in possibility and hope…