these are some hard times eh? a lot of us out here scrambling and also trying to figure out the best ways to help. For a while I was trying to compile an ongoing list of funding sources for artists, sharing that info on twitter. I found that really difficult bc it was hard to stay up to date, with info on funding sources changing, shifting or in a few cases completely shutting down because they had been over whelmed with requests. And i had a hard time being able to compile a list that was global enough. I have arts kindred around the world who are suffering and I could not find sources for all. It became a deflating process. And having to log into twitter and other SM sites also started to affect my own peace of mind about the situation. However after speaking w/ more artists privately, one thing became very apparent, self harm, addiction, peak anxiety, low self esteem is climbing amongst a lot of us, at an alarming rate from what I can see. So i have decided that the best use of my time, besides making new music/art, is finding a way to amplify means of self care, and ways of dealing with all the isolation. (Music is a social practice, and the human mind can only take so much isolation, but any art practice also has extensive therapeutic possibilities…)Anyhow, this page will be an ongoing updated list of self care sources, spaces of possible inspiration to help deal with the isolation and etc…Most of the links here are covid specific. Please feel free to pass any or all of this around. I will update weekly, if not daily.