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So, still revamping this site…more updates coming. I find wordpress to be a bit more of a learning curve than i was bargaining for…

doing a fair number of press requests for coin coin chapter 4.

I am so grateful that people want to chat with me about the work.

After 4 records in this series now though, I’d like to speak more about creativity, and the problems and solutions I’ve found in trying to navigate the creative mind space as it relates to the work.

I’d love to talk about artist self care,and navigating creativity in the digital age from my generational standpoint. I’d love to talk about the power of art to make shifts, push change, whether that’s change that helps your neighbor, or change that helps a broader community. I’d love to talk about the importance of self love in the creative life. I’d love to talk about breathwork, meditation, movement, the natural world as it relates to creativity and inner realms. I’d love to talk gratitude and abundance in art life, even if it doesn’t seem present. I’d love to talk about hope. Less surface, more depth about the creative act, but with respect for compassionate boundaries in that back and forth. I’m not for sale, the music/art is. I think that’s a hard thing  for some to wrap their heads around in the heavy marketing age we are living in now.

i’m pretty much off social media, and am trying to rethink how i want to use it, when i start really using it again. I’m sure I will be back at some point. I do miss talking to some of you. But I want to do more with it than using it as a digital brag rag of sorts. One thing was certain for me with the added pressure of having to have an online art life: it started to do some pretty bad things to my health and just overall well being. Being online does this to a lot of us. But I don’t wish to be a digital ludite, as i still believe in it’s possibilities. especially the possibility of reaching out to others who i may not be able to get to because of logistical distance. I do love learning and the internet shows a lot of hope for that. But i  also think there’s  balance. And i’ve not yet found mine i guess after years of being online now. Also social media is a black hole of never ending time taking. I remember Myspace when it was this huge thing, everyone was on myspace. It’s still around, but a lot of folks are not over there anymore it seems like.  So what’s going to happen to all these 3rd party sites, that have harvested yr arts data, when they shut down? ( some other good interview questions btw:)) How many websites does one creative person really need to have? Do i work for myself or do i work for jack dorsey, and mark zuckerberg etc….also being in front of screens constantly, is just no way to live if you really don’t have to….. Make some space. Find some balance, ask yourself some questions about what is really important for yourself.

there’s an audio log on this site right now. when i get a moment i’m just going to combine it with this log. I felt an urgency to put something in the digital ether about S.D.  He came to a few of my last shows ( love this tribute).  

i couldn’t stomach jumping back on social media to do it though.

Steve Dalachinsky, was a true character, a dying breed as they say. I have never known anyone quite like him. and he championed art life. I hope a lot of us creative folk take his model of community support/good cheer and run w/ it.

also the passing of Toni Morrison…. I’m still trying to process that…. I didn’t know Ms. Morrison like I knew S.D., but she was a friend atleast in my head nonetheless. I went through a period where i read everything i could get my hands on by this queen, because it felt like a life or death kind of brain nutrition….between her, alice walker, ntozake shange, nikki giovanni, maya angelou, and later audre lorde, bell hooks, octavia butler,and some zora neale hurston for good measure as well as some roxane gay now( words can not express how much i love RG)  I felt like i had a dependable inner “squad”, before i even knew what that was in a sense. It would take days of writing to pen or record an appropriate tribute on this site. One of my favorite podcasts beat me too to it here.

anyway, the audio log: Sometimes speaking is a lot easier than writing. And also it’s a nice reminder for me that the core of my work is about sound, not necessarily about “how it sounds” ( depending on who you ask…).

yours in creativity, sorry for any typos, thank you for the support.

( now go outside, the sky is an incredible thing:))


p.s. my new  upcoming record in the coin coin series is done. release details here.

and i’m slowly uploading various bootlegs to my trusty soundcloud page of some of the different things that I have been a part of, but have nowhere else to share it really, over on soundcloud. 

I don’t put out a lot of records, but it’s not because I don’t want to. I just am involved in so many different types of sound worlds at this point, that it’s hard to choose what to do w/ some of my forever expanding archive.