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Happy Spring 2019.

this site is currently being revamped (AGAIN:)).

lots of  fun creativity news to share, but not enough time to have it placed in the way I would like in this space. And so I am making it more of a focus, the revamp, but it is a somewhat slow process, and i’m just going to accept the pace.

i have been doing a ton of research and compiling archival materials for the things I make and I need to spend a bit more time organizing my archive. I’m trying to make it bit more digital this year and I can not begin to tell you how daunting that has become. I am also a bit distracted w/ a few collaborative projects that really need more of my attention.

 my main relationship in the arts world is with my horn. My horn is more of a priority than any of the tools I use to be a maker. I am going be using this period also to re-investigate some of my favorite elements of the alto. It is my root, and I am grateful.

Art Life is not linear. It’s hills, valleys, corners, alleys….I’ve been up and over a few hills, but right now I feel I’m back trudging through some rather precarious valleys, not too far from your nearest alley. ha.

It’s great to be busy creatively, but it’s not nice to be so busy that I can’t actually take the time to share in the spaces that matter most. I’m dabbling in a bunch of different art corners, and I feel it’s time to make some different choices about the direction I’d like to go next.

Lastly, if you have not noticed, i am taking a break from most social media. I am one of those people who gets too distracted by it. I need to rethink  how I wish to use it as a way to contribute to my various arts communities, generate better curiosity/hopes. Lately, most of it feels like a wasteland of preposterous emotions, and I need a genuine break from the hell ride. I’m sure I’ll be back at some point. hell is not always so bad:).

Thanks again for the support. It is incredibly meaningful. See you  sometime later this year. Note that, against my better judgement,  I am beginning a new mailing list and if you would like to be a part, please fill out the  subscription form below.


p.s. my new  upcoming record is done. keep your eyes and ears peeled for announcements on that….I’m quite thrilled about it.