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hello there.


It’s bn a while.


so its taken almost a year and some change,  but I finally have a website I can work with. The last one design wise was lovely but the platform for updating was atrocious. This will be my 7th website since maybe 2001. I’ve learned a lot over the years.I wanted this site to have a lot more bells and whistles, but  in the end, the old punk in me, couldn’t justify paying for something that looks really flashy. So mostly the basics here with a few new things coming…

a lot going on….. I’m doing a lot of continuous research for the Coin Coin series as always, putting some slow burning finishing touches on Coin Coin IV. I’m working with some new collaborators stateside and abroad, doing a lot of travel wander, writing new music, commissions and sound experiments, making new visual scores for an upcoming exhibition and for ensemble performances, writing a few essays about art life for a few publications, teaching a myriad of workshops and doing performance work, with my alto saxophone at the core of everything I do….One major dream is doing large scale public sound installations, and I am getting closer and closer to that everyday it feels like, thanks to a lot of support from my collective arts community.  I’ve got a lot of new ideas for this next phase of art life and I will be excited to share it all here, so stay tuned.( Please excuse various formatting issues i’ve been noticing while trying to understand the learning curve of this site’s platform. eventually it will all flow together a lot better)

Anyhow, you can find some other updates also on “facebore”, clues to what i dig in my creative process on Instagram, and (sometimes completely irrational) screeds in the twitter-verse. There is also a sound cloud that will be scrubbed free soon and updated w/ new possibilities of what I’m currently rearranging my ears with.

Thank you as always for the support.

My very best, and ’till soon…