dear comrade,

1st celebration of the new record happening at the roulette in brooklyn this sunday November 17th.

I’m doing the 1st one at Roulette bc, that venue feels like my creative performance home stateside. it was the Roulette that gave me the initial opportunity to create the project. A kind phone call I received from them offering support for any idea I might be trying to get off the ground, made it all possible some years ago now. I stand grateful. please support them.

Next time a longer missive.

Yours in creativity,



p.s. on the new record, there has already been a little confusion about who our cover queen is. The woman on the cover is not “Liddie”. I knew that would probably confuse folks, but it was important to me that  this mugshot be the cover for this specific chapter. Memphis was an important historical marker in the civil rights movement. The recording is called Memphis as ode to my bloodline, but also to the importance of  historical memory, as we move through rather precarious political times.  The woman on the cover is my maternal grandmother.a real gem she was. if you’ve been paying attention she is also on a previous cover. She was born and raised in Memphis. Liddie’s story, is indeed a Tennessee story, but this childhood memory i am trying to channel, did not happen in Memphis. Nothing in this series is completely linear…. That is on purpose…  It’s my way of weaving thru memory, love, hope, and possibility.

pps. it has bn brought to my attention that someone is loading the new album’s lyrics up over on genius. thank you so much to whomever is doing that, however there are some key mistakes, around vernacular assumptions and also due to just my poor diction.  i tried to correct, but genius is not recognizing my edits. so i have given up over there, and  may just place the  corrected lyrics on this site