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Happy New Year.

I spent a lot of time last year trying to revamp my freelancer ways of being, trying to better collide digital tools and analog style tools for my own art life organizing skills, as things had gotten to the point where I could not keep up w/ demands. I love pencil to paper,notebooks galore, but as someone on the constant move depending on what part of my art practice I’m exploring, I have also learned the flexibility some non analog tools can offer. I am going to start sharing some of what I have learned in this space.

As an anchor, here’s the start of an “analog” (or could be digital) reading list i have found incredibly useful from the last year:

Deep Work by Cal NewPort

His blog is worth your time also, if you don’t have time getting ahold of his books.

Ten Arguments for Deleting your Social Media

I slightly side eye Lanier, but the musician in me trusts the old musician in him, in a sense.  There’s a new culture now of old silicon valley guys now warning all of us of the problems they purposely created, after they’ve quit said tools and made a lot of money, and I sort of see Lanier in this camp, but I really have learned a lot from some of his insights, this book is short and a good place to start.

I personally will not be deleting all of my social media. Though I definitely am downsizing and am completely revamping my relationship to some of these platforms thanks to some of the things I’ve garnered in this book and just how i’ve finally noticed what the constant barrage was doing to my nervous system, my creativity, and general sense of well being. I think it’s important as an arts person, to ask yourself some really deep questions about why you are using some of these things. Look for better clarity/choice.FOMO( Fear of Missing Out)  is real, and you need to pay close attention for your own sanity.
Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less

As w/ anything you read, I feel a sense of questioning is really important. I have some issues with these 3 books for example, but issues aside, i still gleaned some ideas I found really helpful as a maker and feel fine sharing them here. ( btw, don’t forget about your public library, a lot of them do digital versions of most books now too, and for those wholly committed to paper, yr local 2nd hand bookseller may have some of these in stock already…please support independent bookstores whenever you can…)

I will try to update this log once a month with some more ideas along these lines. For the sake of time i prob won’t explain/wax poetic much, this segment of the site will become more of a resource archive that I hope you find useful. Can’t promise this, but I’ll keep the waxed poetics, cultural wrangling to my making, as my work has it’s own voice, that needs room to thrive —speaking of which for those curious, Coin Coin IV is just about done and on it’s way out the gate…stay tuned…New updates coming soon…Happy new year and thanks so much for the support, i do feel it more often than not:).