Dear Comrade,

taking a break from social media during this time of so much flux, and just consistent meditated violence against black bodies, has been one the best decisions I’ve made this year.

i’ve lost a great deal of work bc of the pandemic, and am lucky to have supporters who have thrown me a few new things that filled a few of the vacant holes. I am grateful.

I have so much more to say but for now will just leave a few tidbits here.

My string quartet Borderlands was recorded by the amazing Brooklyn Rider, and I was able to take part in one of their streamed performances of the work.

A snippet of a large ensemble mixed media piece that I created for the Time Spans festival in honor of Sandra Bland, can be viewed here.

I have had the honor this past year to work in collaboration with the artist Nene Humphrey on one of her projects about memory and dreams. a snippet of that can be seen here. More abt Nene here.

I guested on a handful of different recordings this past year before the pandemic, of which 1 may come out this fall, and another later next year, but my main recorded output is always here. And if you really want to support me, anything CST has to offer on my artist page on their site is best, most other recordings out there, (with the exception of the aforementioned Brooklyn Rider and a few others) are very suspect for that. There is a recording coming out later this fall w/ the wonderful UK based pianist Pat Thomas that is being listed as a “duo debut”, or something to that effect? pls note, this was just a one time thing, it is not an ongoing project/debut at all. It was PT’s gig, my guesting, suggested by the venue Cafe Oto. It was being board recorded for the venue archive. When I was asked later on, if I was okay with it being put out, I said it was okay, as long as the full focus was on PT, since it was his gig, and also bc I feel he deserves a lot more shine than he is getting in some places. He is a creative force of nature. (All sales from this recording btw go to PT and the label that put it out. I will receive nothing from this, in case you are looking to support me directly in these pandemic times. Pat Thomas is definitely worth supporting though and pls check out his other work.)

My main projects revolve around finishing the coin coin series( it will not take 25 more years I promise), expanding my realms of the saxophone sound-verse, and exploring other mixed media work, which include some other collaborations, that piques my curiosity. This past phase of life has also been about trying to find some everyday life stability, so that I can really hone in on my craft in a more intensive but grounded way. The intensity has amped up in beautiful ways, but the everyday stability thing still seems to evade me. Guess that’s just not my journey for now. It’s definitely been an adventure, and I suspect there is more to come…

Please be safe wherever you are and thank you once again for the support, it is so meaningful.

Yours in creativity,