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dec 2018

it has bn quite the year!


I’m constantly working on my creative exploration things,  some “vintage”, some brand new…. spent some of the year  also digging into digital productivity culture for arts folk…. I have learned ALOT, have completely reorganized how I strategize and organize my own work just based on what I’ve learned,  and when i get a moment I will start sharing some of that here. It’s a new era…

Also some good arts happening stuff in 2019 that I will also share.

I’m still on the fence about keeping this website btw. It’s been hard to keep it updated, but I’ll give it another shot in 2019.


Thank you for all of your support in 2018.  Your faith in my creativity has helped me a lot along the way…

Here is to a new year to try some more…

Merry everything and a happy new year.