Dear Comrade,

it’s a new year! a new decade!

lots in the pipeline for me, creatively speaking. Looking at my schedule today and trying to figure out best way to move through it, while taking good care of myself. Self care as an arts person is an imperative, it’s not an extra. Never let anyone tell you otherwise.

I spent a lot of time the last few years, working not only on my own music and mixed media art practice, but also creating music for others to play as well, w/o me present as a real time performer in that work. I am getting more and more requests for that. There will be a few recordings released of those works this spring. I had one request last year that I was unable to honor ( so sorry, felt really bad about that), but I hope this year i can create better space that will make it easier the next time I get such a cool request.

This year alone, I am writing  a fair number of solo pieces that have been requested:  bassoon, cello, flute, voice and oboe, as well as premiering my 1st piece for orchestra.

I am also creating sound pieces for other visual artists to use in their installation work.

I continue to take on larger bespoke mixed media composer commissions that I also really enjoy making. I am usually present in these as a performer and that has been nice. More of those coming up this year.

I continue to play as a side person on other people’s records this year. generally ignoring genre boundaries. What is genre anyway?

Got a few remix requests for this year, something I actually enjoy doing, so looking forward to that.

also have gotten some producer requests this year as well, that I can not take on, but I hope at some point I can make time for those kinds of requests.

As far as recordings of my own, I  am deep in research mode for the Coin Coin work. That work is a creative foundation for me and is in constant motion. Performances and touring of that work coming up later this year. As well as scaffolding plans for recording the next chapter.

I’ve, btw, have set up a separate space for coin coin related things over here. Take a gander. it’s mostly photos and tidbits from my ever expanding archive of images, from my travels and documents that I use to make the coin coin work. But I’m also using it to lay out some amount of inspiration that i’ve leaned on outside of my personal archive, tht is easily rebloggable from the Tumblr platform, so its a good place to park that work/process for now. At some point i will publish a book of some of my personal ephemera that i have used. It’s nice to be able to digitize, but i prefer books.

speaking of inspiration, i found this podcast interview fascinating.

As far as some of my visual work, There will be a few installations in exhibition form,  later this year. I am excited about that. More on that as time gets closer.

Every now and then I do an occasional essay for books and publications, mostly centered around improvisation and/or arts life. I have a few coming out in book form this year as well as at least 1 magazine publication. I will link to those on this site as soon as they are live later this year.

And lastly, looks like I will be honoring a fair number of visiting artist requests this year. So it’s pretty jam packed already  and I am really excited about all of it.

I will continue to archive evidence of most of that work on this site, so stay tuned. Got some updating to do here already.

While i work through it all, doing my best to listen to as much new music as possible,seeking out inspiration, and continuing to stay devoted to my horn. My alto saxophone is at root of all of this possibility for me really. It is my oldest living ally and creative supporter. I’m still sometimes stunned by it all.

I am so grateful for each and every opportunity. Thanks so much for the support.

A more useful update about more generative creative things I’d like to talk about in this space soon, rather than a “me,me,me” screed. Right now it’s time to get away from the internet and dive into my yoga practice. Like my saxophone for me, yoga has turned into another life long gift that just keeps on giving…. I will write on that more also at some point here, as movement exploration has had a tremendous impact on the essence of most of the work i am making… A great book about the possibility in that is here, highly recommended. Anyhow, hope you are out there doing something gift like for yourself today. It’s the little things that really help support the whole. You deserve support, for just daring every day to just be who you are. you matter.

Yours in creativity,