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this site is currently being revamped (AGAIN:)). I am slooooow. sorry.

lots of  fun creativity news to share, but not enough time to have it placed in the way I would like in this space. Seriously my schedule is such where I’m actually having to renegotiate sleeping,eating,breathing etc. that’s how cramped the deadlines i am dealing with are. I thought i did a good job this past year spacing things out in terms of art commitments, i’m so stoked for every opportunity, but i have managed to do quite a horrible job at the balance this past phase. It all looked and sounded so great, but i forgot about the need for the aforementioned sleep, eat, breathe thing. And so in the interim this site is kind of on the back burner  until i can make my final fall hurdles and then i can turn my attention back to here, that when all is said and done will be an archive of never heard bootlegs, other random audio, and more segments of some of my scores and mix media work. as well as some of my writing. I do have a lot to say and being off of social media the last few months has been a mental boon of ginormous proportions, but also i  do miss some of you out there that i regularly spoke with. But i don’t miss internet rage and the overall mental sludge online life can prop up. So im sort of on the fence if i will go back to those spaces or not. I accidentally lost one of those spaces, just because i got really busy, and had not checked in a while and like that “5000 followers gone.”And why the fuck should i care is the question i have now? like i literally was upset for about a half day until i finally came to my senses. 5000 people of which i probably only personally knew about 50, if that.  There is a lot of pressure on 21st century art folks to use these spaces, and i personally feel it is bordering on obscene. I’m not a luddite, but i also did not major in marketing. I majored in music, and making stuff. and i want to be doing that more than i want to be updating corporate backed media sites. But there’s a balance, you can’t have heaven w/o hell etc, and if anything i might just start using this corporate backed site( ha) to share my thoughts a bit more, because of course they matter. ( ha again…idk…these are straaaaaaange times, i’m sure i don’t need to tell you that..)

i have been doing a ton of research this last year and compiling archival materials for the things I make and I need to spend a bit more time organizing my archive. I’m trying to make it bit more digital this year w/ that archive, because it’s just easier to lug around that way,  and I can not begin to tell you how daunting that has become.

 my main relationship in the arts world is with my horn. My horn is more of a priority than any of the tools I use to be a maker. I am using this period also to re-investigate some of my favorite elements of the alto saxophone. It is my root, and I am grateful.

Thanks again for the support. It is incredibly meaningful. See you  sometime later this year maybe, at least in this space, if not elsewhere. Note that, against my better judgement,  I am beginning a new mailing list and if you would like to be a part, please fill out the  subscription form below. If it start’s looking hopeful, I will start to use it.

yours in creativity,


 my new  upcoming record in the coin coin series is done. release details here.

(btw, i  heard something about it the other day, being touted as ” 1st release in 4 years”… it’s really not that dramatic y’all…. Honestly I had no intention on waiting 4 years between these releases. I had envisioned this chapter of the work to be out almost 2 years ago, and had planned as such, but a combination of scheduling, travel madness, budgeting, other artistic curiosities/meanderings, and just life took over.  I straddle so many art making hats at this point, and i remain grateful… anyhow, more soon.)