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dear comrade,

to say that today, January 20th, feels like the start of a return to some kind of American decency is one of the biggest understatements I will have made in 2021. The amount of rent free space #45 has taken up in my head from day to day in the last 4 years is of rather despicable, gargantuan proportions… I will toast the new administration today not because I completely believe in everything that they are claiming they will do, but because I, and many other Americans will get some of our sorely needed thinking space in our brains, back where it belongs: to us and to the various communities we wish to serve through the diverse paths we are charting through our lives. There is a lot to do… a lot of damage to be undone and new damage to assess and heal. We now hopefully will have more time to focus on these things, and not on a narcissistic sociopath with an “official title” and a smart phone.

American democracy has not died after all…

I will continue to update this site. I have some good things happening this year despite everything, and I stand eternally grateful, and I know that we, not only as a country, but as members of a world collective, will see better days.

Thank you for the support.

stay tuned and stay safe.

yours in creativity,