Mola, Kuna, 1960, Gift of F

Mola, Kuna, 1960, Gift of F


Mola, Kuna, 1960, Art Institute of Chicago: Arts of the Americas

Gift of F. Louis HooverSize: 45 x 53.3 cm (17 ¾ x 21 in.)Medium: Cotton, plain weave, reverse applique


Waka Onna (Young Woman) Noh mask, Yamaguchi Bidou, 1901, Gift of Yamaguchi BidouSize

Waka Onna (Young Woman) Noh mask, Yamaguchi Bidou, 1901, Gift of Yamaguchi BidouSize


Waka Onna (Young Woman) Noh mask, Yamaguchi Bidou, 1901, Art Institute of Chicago: Asian Art

Gift of Yamaguchi BidouSize: 21 × 13 × 7 cm (8 ¼ × 5 1/8 × 2 ¾ in.)Medium: Japanese cypress, colors, lacquer


Figure 5 from Black Numeral Series, Jasper Johns, 1968, John B

Figure 5 from Black Numeral Series, Jasper Johns, 1968, John B


Figure 5 from Black Numeral Series, Jasper Johns, 1968, MoMA: Drawings and Prints

John B. Turner FundSize: composition: 27 ¾ × 21 ¾" (70.5 × 55.3 cm); sheet: 37 × 30" (94 × 76.2 cm)Medium: One from a series of ten lithographs


dear comrade,

June… Full barrel ahead for me, a lot of re-balancing and trying to get a handle on the losses of the past year and some change still, but as it steams ahead in positive directions there are still continuing to be moments that leave me breathless and just fucking sad about a lot of the change and continued compound loss.

This was brought to a very sensitive fore a few days ago when I was notified about the passing of Joni Sadler.

“Shocked” doesn’t even cover the range of feelings I am having waking up these last few mornings just shouting at random walls about why she had to be taken away from us so soon?

Joni was one of the most hard working people I had the privilege to come into contact with through my music family at CST records. The support she continually threw my way, could be felt despite distance and digital screens. Her work ethic in regards to championing fringe folk showcased a model and way of being I hope reverberates through the ages. A good indication of how her ethos in being a part of building community was set, can be read in her own words here… Without folks like her, that paid closer attention to disparity and cultural nuance on a global scene, people like me? you’d never hear about…. Not to mention she was a pretty great rabble rousing punk drummer, of the highest order imho….go listen here: https://lungbuttermtl.bandcamp.com/

Her life was rich and full, never a dull moment from what I could glean, and I am positive she had no plans on leaving so soon, I’m positive that she was plotting more dreams on the horizon. It is absolutely gutting that we won’t get to witness it/be a part…

And these are the days I am reminded that if for nothing or no one, the least I can do to stay in this crazy arts life game, that I have questioned more than I care to admit, during these pandemic times, is to do it for Joni.

She would have done it for me. This I am quite certain.

Rest Easy, Joni Sadler! you touched sooooooooooooooooooo many people and set a pace that many will continue to benefit from until our last days, and for better or for worse yrs was a life well lived. But you will be so tragically missed. You left an indelible hole in a bevy of adventurous arts hearts that will receive no re-fill.

That’s all I can share with you for June in this monthly missive. I need to pull myself together, get out here, and again like I said, do it for Joni. Not some half baked flutter around arts ‘ish, but some real, keep my head down, roll up my god damned sleeves and dig the fuck in, to the glory of it all. (Sorry, but not really sorry tbh, for my language, just have no more fucks to give today… )

Maybe you will too? “dig the fuck in”, whatever that means for you? Life is fleeting, this we keep learning I guess…Keep on pushing please. FISTS IN THE FUCKING AIR, LOUD VOICE IN THE FUCKING MIX, always focused on the uplift, and a collective rabble rousing cheer for the chance to try again, and again and again and again.


Thank you so much for the continued support.

yours in creativity,


(p.s. i get a lot of general questions via this site, abt all the work i make, best place to ask those questions– if it’s not a press request type thing– is here )