Kim Dorland (Canadian, b

Kim Dorland (Canadian, b


Kim Dorland (Canadian, b. 1974), Last Light, 2018. Oil on canvas, 76 x 61 cm.

Mola, Kuna, 1960, Gift of F

Mola, Kuna, 1960, Gift of F


Mola, Kuna, 1960, Art Institute of Chicago: Arts of the Americas

Gift of F. Louis HooverSize: 50.2 x 58.1 cm (19 ¾ x 22 7/8 in.)




Is it the ocean or outer space? This cosmic jellyfish combines the best of both worlds!

Researchers on the NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer found this spectacular little jelly with a remotely operated vehicle while exploring the Utu Seamount in National Marine Sanctuary of American Samoa.

Learn more: https://sanctuaries.noaa.gov/earthisblue/wk213-cosmic-jellyfish.html.(Photo: NOAA. Image description:… [more]

*2021 Le Guess Who curation

*Distinguished Guest Composer appointment

*Billie was a Black Woman nominated for NY Festival Radio Award

*Plus One

*We Got Time

* We Hold These Truths…

*Bant Mag Interview

*Music for Rebecca Carroll’s Billie was a Black woman podcast

*Guest spot on Leo Abraham’s new release Krononaut

*“We hold These Truths…” exhibition

*Bang on the Can Live

*Guest spot on Kite’s People You Must Look at Me

*Saavy Contemporary: Here/History: tracing the reverberations of Halim El-Dabh

WJF 2021 Common Ground

*Guest spots on Moonface

*Maryanne Amacher Celebration/Remote Links

*Bandcamp: Cagibi, Caloia/Shalabi/Roberts

*T. Griffin’s The Smell of Wet Clay

*Elaine Mitchener’s On Being Human As Praxis.

*Fridman Gallery: A Stranger’s Soul is a Deep Well

*CTM Festival

*The Needle Drop

*The Quarantine Concerts

*For What Worth, Klein

*I Care If You Listen play list

*Adult Swim Compilation

*OM documentary

*the tang collection

*Laura Hanna’s CODE

*Park Avenue Armory: Blood, Blues, a remembrance

*Off Latch Winter Zine

*Fun convo with James Austin Smith of the International Contemporary Ensemble here

*I created a moving image score/AV piece for the Berlin Jazz Festival here

*a piece i was commissioned to create for the Michael Rosenfeld Gallery is now up online and can be seen here

*Night of 100 Solos: Merce Cunningham

*My string quartet Borderlands was recorded by the amazing Brooklyn Rider, and I was able to take part in one of their streamed performances of the work.

*A snippet of a large ensemble mixed media piece that I created for the Time Spans festival in honor of Sandra Bland, can be viewed here.

*I have had the honor this past year to work in collaboration with the artist Nene Humphrey on one of her projects about memory and dreams. a snippet of that can be seen here. More abt Nene here.

Speaking of Nene, here is footage of a commission I did in honor of her husband the painter extraordinaire Benny Andrews, from a few years back

*A moving image score/AV excerpt was part of this year’s Tusk Festival which you can see here

*I guested on a handful of different recordings this past year before the pandemic, of which 1 may come out this fall, and another later next year, but my main recorded output is always here. And if you really want to support me, anything CST has to offer on my artist page on their site is best, most other recordings out there, (with the exception of the aforementioned Brooklyn Rider and a few others) are very suspect for that. There is a recording coming out later this fall w/ the wonderful UK pianist Pat Thomas. pls note, it is not an ongoing project. It was PT’s gig, my guesting, suggested by the venue Cafe Oto. (All sales from this recording btw go to PT and label that put it out. I will receive nothing from this, in case you are looking to support me directly in these pandemic times. Pat Thomas is definitely worth supporting though. pls check out his other work.)

*I spent the last year, taking a break from performance, focusing on my composition and sound conceptualist work for others, being commissioned to create solo as well as large mix media compositions.

One of those commissions was a piece for the wonderful musician and movement artist Elaine Mitchener for the 2020 Donaueschinger Musiktage Festival. There is a dance component to this piece and I hope when it is performed for witness in 2021 I will get to see it and also share it w/ you. The audio is here.

*I am a curator for the Le Guess Who festival. In lieu of it’s postponement they’ve dug into film curation, as an online “TV” stream. I picked a number of films, and they will be meted out over the remainder of the year, but you can start here.