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“At my artistic core, I am firmly dedicated to creating a unique and very personal experiential body of sound work that speaks to, and reminds people of all walks of life to reach, stand up, give voice, regardless of difference, created from mere labels of intellectual classification. Through my life’s work, I stand creatively in defiance.”

Matana Roberts has been called “a major talent” (The Wire) and “the spokeswoman for a new, politically conscious and refractory music scene” (Jazzthetik). Her work has been widely and highly praised for its stylistic innovations and narrative power. Noted music critic Peter Margasak has written:”…She is carving out her own aesthetic space, startling in its originality and gripping in its historic and social power.”

A dynamic saxophonist, composer, improviser, and mixed media sound conceptualist, Roberts’s acclaimed artistic practice aims to expose and celebrate the mystical roots and intuitive spirit-raising traditions of American creative expression in her artistic output . Her innovative work has forged new conceptual approaches to considering narrativity, history, and political expression within improvisatory structures and beyond.


She is constantly involved in a plethora of projects, consistently shape shifting, crossing genres/mediums as a foundational point of her artistic praxis.