Spring 2024. 

Dear Arts Comrade,

Happy spring.

So I am sure that it is obvious that this site is under construction.

I have to say out of all of the websites I have had over the years, this one has been the most annoying to manage, that it makes it difficult to want to come over here and update things. 

I have had so many different types of websites over the years and this one has been the worse lol, when it was supposed to be the best of them all, and the most costly, ha. 

A few things: I am on a Social Media break.  I do this regularly about twice a year, but I am taking my late spring into summer one a bit early this year.

After learning about the death of saxophonist extraordinaire Casey Benjamin I needed to take a sooner moment away from the death scroll. Casey was super encouraging and kind to me. It came right after learning of the passing of another arts comrade on SM. And so between those and the current political headlines I need to take a pause for the cause. But just to be clear, my accounts have not been deleted. They have just been paused. I will be back shortly. I enjoy connecting with you all in the digital realm, but sometimes getting off the social media roller coaster is nice.

I do have the option of letting other people run those accounts for me when I take a break, but I decided not to do that this go round, so thank you for your patience. 

Secondly, my plate is super full at present and I am actually managing a great deal of new stresses and it’s not quite something I can write about or talk about for now. But when I am ready, I will definitely lay it all out. I don’t have anything to lose at this point you know? “Life gives you lemons, you make lemonade yadda yada:)”

Thank you so much for your support and listening and looking at my work. I’m in it for the long haul and I stand grateful.