( photo credit: B. Walker)


American multidisciplinary artist, musician, composer

1st name pronounced “mah-tah-nah”: Some put the accent on the 1st “ah”, some on the last, I am okay with either. 

I am very complex. Some get this, some don’t.

It is ok.

High octane, outdoorsy, thrill seeking, overly curious, shape shifting, gender fluid, midwestern, full moon born, brown eyed, sometime femme, sometime not, depending on the day…  love louboutins as much as I love the dirtiest of docs…tulle and chains… so called feminists and and so called thugs…chanel no. 5 and round the way frankincense musk…  kwanzaa and christmas, silver and gold, fluid aave and fluid “king’s english”, boxing and ballet…scars and softness…super weaves and skullets, box braids and silk press etc…

style…codes…black excellence…wolf runner.

I have lived many lives, (so far…)

I march to the beat of my own drum, never learned any other way…Again some get this, and some just don’t and it is ok.

I have zero time for racists, sexists, homophobes and moral high standing “traditionalists” masking as “allies”. 

I talk back. You don’t want this smoke. Trust.

But biggest issue? I never ask enough questions before diving into various forms of adventure… definitely has kept things interesting…

I have survived many things.

I have a lot to say, and a lot to do…grateful…

Much longer formal bio here  that is in need of some updating, more soon.